Sunday, August 9, 2009

Run, run, run and Vegas

Earlier this year Jake and I decided that we wanted to run a couple of races. In May we ran the Ogden Half Marathon with Jake's sister Kelli and in June we ran the Ragnar Wasatch Back. It was defiantly a challange but we had fun. At the end of May we had the Olsen girl trip to Vegas. Lots of sitting by the pool, shopping and eating. It's always a blast and can't wait for next year.

Kelli finishing

At the finish line of the Ogden Half

Right before the Ragnar

Kelli came on the last day and ran with Jake. It was the greatest thing ever.

At the end of it all!
Our one Vegas picture. We didn't do very good at taking pictures but at least we got this one.


WhIt and TaN said...

Looks you guys have been having fun! Thats my goal is to do a half marathon next year after the little guy arrives! I saw all your sisters and mother in law in Vegas when they were down there. We were leaving and you were coming a day later! Such a fun tradition!

Shannon said...

What an exciting summer you have had. I would love to run the Ragnar race someday! Good for you. Yes we need to get together soon, I would love that so much!! I will talk to Katie and call you:)

me and him said...

you're inspiring!

aLex and anNa said...

how fun! i wish i could get alex to run with me! haha. I also wish i looked as cute as you when i was running =) glad you guys are doing good and having fun!!!

aLex and anNa said...

can i get your address? my sis in law is doing a baby shower Sept. 12th and i want to send you an invite!

♥♥♥ said...

I stumbled upon you blog Michelle! Jake and you are the CUTEST couple! Looks like you have so much in common, and you are so in love! So fun to see! Tell Jake hello for me!

RileyandChristinaShaw said...

That's so awesome you guys ran a few half marathons!!! I ran one and that was good enough until next year:) I'm glad to see you guys are doing so good:)