Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow...Major Update

So I know I'm slacking on posting but here is a huge update on whats been going on in the last 2 months. Hope you like pictures cus I have a ton. Jake's sisters ran a half marathon in Moab so we all went down to watch and have a much needed vacation.
You can't go to Moab without doing a little jeeping

The Running Crew

After Jake and I watched them run, we decided tha we wanted to run one. So we are all signed up and ready to run the Ogden half marathon on May 16!

The week after Moab, we headed up to Jackson Hole to watch the hillclimbs. No pics of that trip but we love the hillclimbs and had a blast. The day before we left to go to Jackson, Jake called me at work to tell me this:

Jake: What you doing?
Me: Working
Jake: How much longer are you going to be?
Me: About another hour
Jake: K, well our house is flooding, just thought you should know.
Me: !!!!!

Jake was walking up to our house and could hear all of our fire alarms going off and of course his first thought was that I left my flat iron on. So he ran upstairs to see and he said there was TONS of water everywhere. Good thing we were going out of town that weekend cus we had our carpets ripped up and had huge fans going till Monday.

This was just the kitchen but our family room looked the same. What a pain but now it's all fixed.

For spring break and Easter we all went to sunny St. George to get away from the weather. We stayed at the Inn at the Entrada and all the kids thought that was so cool cus that's where High Scool Musical 2 was filmed. It was a weekend full of swimming, golfing, bike riding and having a blast.


tyson and ashley said...

I'm jealous of all of your vacations! It looks like you guys have been having lots of fun! Besides your house flooding! Your hair is really cute dark too! I really like it!

Alana Lange said...

Finally! an update, even though I knew everything and saw all those pictures :) Looks like fun, we need to go on vacation with you guys! BTW I love your swimsuit. Now...Go Run! :)

WhIt and TaN said...

YAY I am glad you finally posted! St. George Looked like so much fun! Along with eveything else you guys have been up too! Your hair is so cute i love it! And I love that you guys are running a 1/2 marathon..I could never get tanner to run with me haha! Lets get together soon!

AlexandAnnaMiller said...

I loved all your pictures michelle! looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun Thats a bummer about your house flooding! ugh. You and Jake are such a cute couple!

Megan said...

Hi!! Your blog is so cute! It's fun to look at it! I think I am finally addicted to the whole blogging thing. Jake told me not to get one when I came in he said it's just a bunch of people bragging.... so I decided to get one :)

Megan said...

Michelley Beaner... you are the one who kept telling me I had to get a blog. Now that I have one, you NEVER update. Come on... be an example :)